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Arizona Nova
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How would...

Post by Arizona Nova » Black Operations go about convening the CAST? Could I do it IC, in here? Would I summon a council on NS that just happens to consist of CAST nations?

The point being, my Black Operations have made unpleasant discoveries on the Sathari Fringe; one which they believe constitutes a serious threat to the galaxy at large; in essence, a species of macroparasitical arch-sapients which infect entire worlds and have no regard for other, smaller forms of life.

They would not wish to convene the ESUS senate to address this right away, even through proxies, and would rather consult those they deem their peers first.
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Central Facehuggeria
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Re: How would...

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I'd have them covertly get in touch with the various CAST members and ask for them to show up for a conclave. Secretly, of course.
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Indra Prime
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Re: How would...

Post by Indra Prime »

Or you could use your secret decoder ring and find the right combination to activate the cloaked bat signal for CAST. Or a subliminal message in all modes of communication so that the CAST member nation leaders dont know why but they all show up at the same location.

Or you could send a candy gram.
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